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Seamless Social Security Updates for New Citizens

Starting April 1, 2024, certain naturalization applicants have the option to request an original or replacement Social Security number (SSN) or card and update their immigration status with the Social Security Administration (SSA) without having to visit an SSA office.

This option is available for naturalization applicants who use the new edition of Form N-400 (edition date: 04/01/24) for the naturalization applications. Such applicants may request the social security updates in filing the naturalization applications. Applicants who use the previous edition (edition date: 09/17/19) may not request the updates as the previous edition does not include questions for the option.

With this option, new citizens may no longer need to visit an SSA field office to apply for an SSN or replacement card. Such new citizens may also no longer need to provide documentation as evidence of their new U.S. citizenship status.

You can find the USCIS’ original announcement at this webpage.


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